A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

 "I had a dream 

 a dream were colors where unseen"



         A dark visual novel  about the nightmares of the protaginist(you)  . Involves foul language and disturbing plot. Packed with high quality audio which adds spice and ambient in game. Playing with headphones is advised.

        Game fully playable with almost 1.5 hours of game play(ALL ENDING), including  3 dead ends and  3 main ending. Game contains foul language and dark plot making it 16+ . 







-Sanity bar: your life or your mental capacity ingame


AUDIO: soundbible ; hallowedhorrors(YTB) ; soundeffects(YTB) ; Bensound SOMESPRITES: screentones(deviantart)



  • x3 BAD ENDS  ==========     easiest 
  • TRAPPED END =========      medium
  • END II ================     hard
  • TRUE END(my sin) =======     hard

She: Hey you. if your having some trouble in-game.. then..

download the guide below (i cant WAKE UP(guide).txt)

Install instructions

you know the drill!


WAKEMEUP-1.1-pc.zip (75 MB)
i cant WAKE UP (guide).txt (1 kB)

Development log


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Pretty neat, nice combination of good visuals and solid audio design!


Thankyou for playing mister! Im glad you liked it! :)

does anybody know the code

hey Vamp! if you're talking about the code at the door, the answer can be found here

oh thank you so muuuch ♥♥♥

This was a great little gaming experience! Definitely built on sound, which is to its massive benefit. There were a few niggles with the spelling and grammar, but nothing that detracted too much from the overall feel of things.

The story was well told, the jumpscares were effective and not overused and the ending was fabulous (the True End, I mean haha!)

Great work, looking forward to seeing what you come up with next =)

Here's part 1 of my 3 part playthrough too!


Thankyou Mikey! ^^

I liked your game the audio put me on edge. That being said work on the grammar lol.

thanks for the feedback ^^ I am happy that you liked it in spite of the fact that it is not that polished ^^  

Yeah it was great

Really creepy game. The audio definitely put me on edge, but it combined with this series of scary books I liked as a kid that really made it resonate. Anyways, I had a lot of fun playing it.

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thank you so much flibberjabbin! :D


Thanks for playing my game Haondoor!^^ im excited to watch your video :D thank you so much!^^

Thank you for making it! I really enjoyed it, especially the multiple ending aspect. Games with choices have always appealed to me and your definitely does a good job at it!

GAH SO CREEPY(((φ(◎ロ◎;)φ)))

Thanks Dani! Im glad you liked "IT" hoho thanks for the video too ! :)

no problem! enjoyed the game so far, looking forward to putting out more videos on it soon to figure out what the hell is goin on;D

I liked it! Its creepy x__x . The true ending was good. didnt expect that . definitely. I would love to play your future games! :D

Thanks ^^. Im currently working on my next game  so stay tuned ! ^^ . Im glad you liked it

I really enjoyed this game, well done :)

Im glad that you liked  'IT' spoonage! ^^ Thanks for the video too ^^

the sound got a little irritating hahaha but, overall a good game!

Thanks Raithias! Im glad you liked it! ^^

great game enjoyed it , would definitely recommend it

Thank you Jack! Im happy you liked it! ^^


I just started this game yesterday, and i'm LOVING IT!! I love the jumpscares and all the audio used inside off the game. The atmosphere is really creepy and i'm curios to see what other endings i can get!! 

Here's my video i made playing through your game; NOTE: All game sound in my video are not the actual audio, i added the sounds because the actual game sound didn't record.  

I hope for anyone that checks out my video enjoys it, and if so make sure to subscribe to my channel! :)

thabks for the feedback! im excited to watch your gameplay!^^

Ive watched it.. im glad you enjoyed it. i think. haha. i had an updated version now. and it is not a demo you just got a bad end haha. nice gameplay too^^ cheers!!

No problem and thankyou.

Gave it a go...


im always excited about watching videos of my game. thanks for playing stepvibes! cheers! :)

What a strange game...awesome, but strange. The atmosphere is so mysterious and creepy, I felt uneasy every time a new area appeared, especially after a couple of 'jump scares' I never knew what was coming. 

I quite liked the choice to make the game black and white, and while there is a somewhat lack of music it's more than made up for by the creepy assortment of sounds.

The inclusion of a sanity meter to determine which ending you get is quite nice, I only managed to get the trapped ending but I think if I went back and thought a bit more carefully about my choices I could achieve the other endings.

Overall it's a solid visual novel, a few grammatical errors here and there but I try to never let that take away from the story being told. 

I hope you don't mind but I made a let's play of the game.

Cheers and best wishes to you.

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im glad you played it ^^ im excited to watch your gameplay :) thanks for your support

regarding on grammatical errors, im trying to fix those. english is not my native language so im sorry about that. im really happy that you played it ! cheers!:)



It's so strange... I remember something like this actually happened in one of my past dream. But not as vibrant as this! Really awesome game! I haven't found a way to get the good ending but will work on it!

Thanks for playing ! Goodluck on finding  the true ending ! I enjoyed watching your video too ^^

good game i played it 

but never had the true ended i got trapped and woke up endings only :( 

i know that the game focus on the sanity bar but i can't know what increase it :(

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thanks for playing ^^ im planning to add a kinetic mode for people who cant get the true ends

nice gameplay. im happy that you liked it

edit : the kinetic mode will be cancelled. Im just gonna make the game a little bit easier ^^

Creepy game! I had fun playing it, and I think you did an amazing job with the audio , it really helps with the immersion  (so much that I had to keep the volume low most of the time and minimize the screen in certain scary parts, ahaha XD)

I have some "technical" feedbacks, if you'd like to hear them:

in the setts menu, the white words on the right merge with the white background, so they are a bit hard to read  (it's not that big of an issue but I think it could be improved - btw, I LOVE the main menu,  it feels very professional) 



the code on the door requires the player to have an american keyboard - people from around the world may not figure it out and could get stuck (It's not an impossible thing to realize and solve, one can easily google the picture but...who knows. Maybe it could be a problem for someone? Just a thought).

About the story: I got one of the "wake up" endings first, then got the Trapped one. I then replayed to keep my sanity higher, and finally got the true ending and ending II: I think they were ok endings, but  maybe I was expecting something stranger or maybe some "hints" that lead to that outcame, I don't know...so they didn't really make an impact on me, but maybe it's just because I've played too much games, don't take it as a critique. Overall, in fact, I liked the feel of the game and I think it's cool. 


So, keep up the good work! Can't wait to see what you come up with next ;) 

thanks for your feedback^^ .  youre right about the door part . its my fault. a got a little lazy about the background and i just didnt realize when someone played it without english keyboard sorry. And about the main story youre definitely correct, i think a kinda rushed and narrate the ends making it a little unconnected on the "dream" parts . Im gonna polished this up (especially the door. its kinda out of place)  and edit and add some scripts to add some "hints" in the storyline

im really happy that you played my game and ill keep on mind about those tips ^^ thanks schiva frecce! :)

Thank YOU for making the game! And don't worry about the keyboard, it's just something that came to mind (I hope I didn't sound harsh, because I didn't mean to - when writing in english I always struggle and fail at conveying emotions D:) so don't worry. I think adding just a few subtle hints is a good idea - when the realization hits the player in the end, I think it will be really powerful :) 


The audio work in this game is awesome! There was a part where I heard footsteps and it was so clear that I had to remind myself mentally that it's just the game and not a real person sneaking up on me! You can see about a second or two of legit fear in me when it happens, so bravo for that! Definitely going to be producing more episodes of this game for my channel! I look forward to finding the true ending!

Hey  Mug ^^ thanks for your play through! this means a lot for me ^^ , my writing is still not that good but im  glad that you liked it ! 

Good Game

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wow thank you Oosta! ^^

ps. I laughed hard after hearing   the evanescence's song  lol 

Thanks :D


thats it) really good one))


wow thanks for your gameplay! im really honored. Thanks for your effort and time. ill be using your choices in game as reference for development ^^

its hard but its fuuun 

the true ending was so creepy x.x

im glad you liked it ^^ im planning to add a kinetic mode for players that cant finish the true ending. or maybe a walkthrough txt. ^^

if u could give me the text , i would upload one with the good ending as well too))) coz i could just get bad endings  but its a nice one soon it will be on youtube already)  hope you will like it)

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i would love to. ill be uploading here a guide publicly . maybe after 24 hrs or less. thanks again!^^

edit: guide uploaded

Wow. Didnt expect that.. creepy .. 

5/5 :)

nice audio too. I still hear those clicking sounds XD

Wow Im glad you liked it!