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      A story about a miserable main character(you) A school Dropout, A shut in, and a good for nothing son/daughter. Jobless and running out of money, you must do everything to gain money and survive. With the scary reality, you were forced to work , meet other peoples and develop 'love' or change your pitiful self for the best.As of the demo version, the game can be played up to chapter2. Wrong decisions may lead on dead ends and bad ends, but for now, the 4 main ending route is still developed and estimated to be finished by the end of august  2017. ,Almost the full story is completed.



  •  to be finished by the end of  august  2017
  •  The game will be expanded in the near future . Full Release is expected to be released after this week!
  • Its now fully playable!
  • Android version is released after addressing  compatibility issues



  • Moving character sprites
  • Manga style theme
  • Multiple ending (with dead ends)
  • Extra's (This will be added after the full release)


ps. some files on the cutscene are uncreditted. mybad. if its yours, feel free to msg me^^

More information

Published 22 days ago
GenreRole Playing
TagsAnime, Dark, Multiple Endings, renpy, Romance, slice-of-life, Visual Novel

Install instructions

 you know the drill.  :P



B-L-U-R.zip (59 MB)

Development log


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Hey man! Good work on your game, hope to see more future games and updates on you.

Goodluck bro

this seems good.

well goodluck on completing ths

Thanks !

Wow. Even still a demo, IT STILL SO GOOD. Definitely one of good visualnovel Indie games!"

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Thanks for the support! Im currently working for future  updates! 

*edit: game completed